The submission form for the 2025 Hill Prizes will be available beginning May 1, 2024. The form will ask for your contact information and to confirm you meet all eligibility requirements. A cover page is required for your .pdf application; a sample cover page is available to preview here. The single .pdf document of all of your proposal materials (cover page, proposal, biographies and citations, if any) will be uploaded via the submission form.

The Hill Prizes, funded by Lyda Hill Philanthropies, recognize and advance top Texas innovators and researchers whose work could have significant impact on science and society. The prizes propel high-risk, high-reward ideas and innovations that demonstrate very significant potential for real-world impact and can lead to new, paradigm-shifting paths in research.

The Hill Prizes have six categories: Medicine, Public Health, Engineering, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Technology. The Medicine, Public Health, Engineering, Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences prizes will be given to researchers at academic and medical institutions. The Hill Prize in Technology will be given to individuals in the private sector and government in applied sciences and engineering.

Each prize recipient’s institution or organization will receive $500,000 in direct funding from Lyda Hill Philanthropies to accelerate their work. Prize recipients will be announced in January 2025 and recognized on February 4, 2025, at the opening reception of the TAMEST 2025 Annual Conference in Irving, Texas.

For more information regarding eligibility guidelines and application components, please visit: